Tony Pritchard
Chief Operating Officer

Tony Pritchard joined Sterling Insurance Group in 2006 as the Chief Operating Officer.  Tony is responsible for IT, Customer Service and Claims within Sterling.

Prior to joining Sterling Tony Pritchard was one of the founder members of St Andrew's Group, taking the role of IT Director when it was set up in 1994.  In addition to IT, Tony was heavily involved in the establishment of St Andrew's overseas operations in France and Australia, and led the project when St Andrew's diversified into Travel Insurance. When St Andrew's became part of the HBOS Group in 2001 Tony led the merger programme to bring together the various insurance subsidiaries in the group.  In 2002 he was promoted to the HBOS General Insurance Management Board where he had responsibility for IT, Programme Management and Strategy across the group (which included Halifax Insurance Ireland Ltd) .

Tony worked for HBOS Australia during 2005,  managing the acquisition programme for their insurance division. Before joining Sterling in 2006 he worked as a consultant for Metlife advising on their IT Strategy in the UK.



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