Sterling offers bespoke solutions to suit your Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) product requirements. Our success in this market has been based on our flexibility to deliver a tailored service to our clients and we work had to ensure that we deliver innovative solutions in an ever changing environment.

Using our experience within the motor and commercial finance markets we have built up long term relation with our clients which has allowed us to develop industry leading products and services.

Consumer GAP
Our Consumer GAP product is designed to be sold alongside motor finance and provides invaluable cover should the insured's car be written off as it should cover the financial shortfall between the amount paid out by the motor insurer and the amount required to settle the outstanding finance agreement.

Commercial GAP
Our Commercial GAP product also acts in this way but has the added benefit of covering assets up to a higher amount subject to your unique requirements.


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At Sterling we want to get close to our brokers in order to increase our understanding of what they and their customers need so that we can provide great products and services that are relevant to them. We value professionalism and quality in our staff and have achieved Chartered Insurer status in our Household, Commercial & Claims departments.

David Sweeney,
Director - General Insurance,
Sterling Insurance Group