Protection Products

Sterling is fully committed to the Protection market and the need for Short Term Income Protection (STIP) has never been greater.  The shift in the market away from debt linked, traditional PPI products has left many customers without appropriate protection on a number of secured and unsecured lending arrangements.  In the uncertain economic environment we live in, customers have never had a greater awareness of the impact a sudden loss in income would have. Sterling is keen to support these customers to ensure that they have proper protection in place should they suffer a financial shock.

Advice and Flexibility
STIP is sold on a stand alone, modular basis and typically offers Accident & Sickness and Unemployment cover. Customers have the advantage of determining the amount of cover they need to meet their individual monthly financial commitments with the flexibility to vary the level of cover as appropriate. With Sterling's knowledge and experience of the Protection Market, we are extremely well placed to advise and recommend the most suitable approach to designing and launching a STIP product into the market place. 

Sterling works closely with our partners throughout the product design, planning and implementation stages to ensure that the proposition is designed to meet the specific needs of the identified target audience and is supported by a fully compliant sales process. STIP can be distributed through multiple channels; Sterling has successfully delivered bespoke web-based sales solutions for STIP and other Protection products.

A true business partner
At Sterling we pride ourselves in being best in class for customer and client service.  Being an underwriter and a third party administrator, we have the ability to underwrite the risk and/or provide the premium collection, policy maintenance and claims handling, a full end to end process.

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At Sterling we want to get close to our brokers in order to increase our understanding of what they and their customers need so that we can provide great products and services that are relevant to them. We value professionalism and quality in our staff and have achieved Chartered Insurer status in our Household, Commercial & Claims departments.

David Sweeney,
Director - General Insurance,
Sterling Insurance Group