Web Based Sales Solutions

Sterling now offers clients expert ecommerce insurance sales solutions.  Sterling's success comes from helping our partners, who include many of the market leading financial service providers to launch new products quickly. We have a 100% record of always delivering solutions on time and in many cases exceeding our clients' expectations on delivery. While ensuring speed of service we also have the skills and knowledge to ensure the solutions provided meet the rigorous quality and information security standards that our clients expect.
Industry  Expertise
Our modular approach ensures we have the building blocks to quickly assemble solutions that nevertheless are completely tailored to each client's requirements.  We have the invaluable benefit of combining both insurance and IT expertise which allows us to work with our partners to ensure we always deliver the optimum solution.
Tailored to you
We build both internet based end customer ecommerce sites and in-house sales solutions delivered via an extranet for use in branches or call centres. We usually host the delivered solution minimising any requirement for in-house IT involvement.  Our solutions are easily scaleable and we have sites with less than 100 users and others with over 5,000 users.

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"Sterling has successfully developed & deployed a number of sales systems into our nationwide branch network within very challenging timeframes. Working with a partner who really understands the insurance business and who is so delivery focused, makes all the difference.”

Phil Oldham ,
Lloyds Banking Group